After class I got changed and braved the hideous weather — cold and wet, as usual — to do my 11km run. However, within minutes the slight tightness in my right calf started to pull, and although I hoped it would loosen up after a few kilometres it hurt so much by the end of the third km that I had to call Arthur, who told me to take myself back indoors. However, just as we hung up, the rainclouds suddenly blew away and the most amazing soft warm sunshine was all around me. I extended my walk back as much as I could (it ended up being 3km as well), because it was so fantastic to remember what spring felt like.

I wish I could make pictures bigger on my blog…

I feel disappointed that I couldn't run in such perfect conditions but also lucky that I was out there at all, and able to enjoy the warmth of the sun in my skimpy running shorts, instead of sweating away in my winter jacket carrying my backpack. I hope my leg will be better tomorrow (although I'm running mountains at Tucheng which is a biiiiitch).

I have been devouring my Kindle purchases. Fortunately I finished The Warden last week, and I still pull Phineas Finn out from time to time as I inch closer to the end — but nothing ever happens in Trollope, so it’s easy to put him down and pick him up. I mean that in an affectionate way, as they are all very enjoyable, but there is hardly any suspense, you aren’t gripped in a page-turning frenzy of excitement. In my opinion Trollope is perfect bus-reading material, and therefore I have no qualms in leaving those novels unfinished until I have nothing else to read.

So far I have been catching up with my beloved Jackson Brodie in Kate Atkinson’s detective series. Although I don’t really remember Case Histories as I read it many years ago, I absolutely loved Started Early, Took My Dog (such a great title!), and have been trying to read A Good Turn as slowly as possible… I finished it at lunchtime and couldn’t wait to download the next one, When Will There Be Good News?. I have always adored Kate Atkinson, falling in love with her from the first with Behind The Scenes At The Museum, and I cannot recommend her enough. I love her characters, I love her writing style, and I love her plots that are so beautifully far-fetched they seem almost like fairy-tales without any of the slight hysteria of, say, magic realism.

Of course, When Will There Be Good News needs to last me as long as possible, as I have heard Atkinson isn’t planning any more Jackson Brodie novels for the time being… sadface.

I also, in a moment of inexplicable weakness, let myself be swayed by the cheap price and my own morbid curiosity, and bought 3096 Days by Natasha Kampusch — Amazon recommended it to me, probably because of having purchased Room this summer. Natasha was kidnapped age 10 and kept as a slave for 8 years before escaping. It wasn’t that sensational a read — she deliberately chose to not mention sex at all but to focus on all the other aspects of her experience, and I think this makes for a better book overall. It isn’t pleasant succumbing to one’s inner tabloid-reader, but it’s slightly less nauseating when one’s reading has been censored of all salaciousness.

As usual, I didn’t do any research prior to reading the book, but I did a lot of googling afterwards and it was interesting to read what other people had to say about her and her story. I hadn’t heard anything about her case, so my first impression was exactly as she chose to tell it, but obviously there are a lot of other opinions out there and also several accounts of what went on that contradict her story. We all re-write history…

Oh and lastly it would be amiss of me not to mention the book Cici sent me for Christmas! Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them!, carefully annotated and improved by my Supermate. Love!


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