did it

Looking for a fun way to spend your Wednesday night? How about running up and down mountains for the best part of 2 hours?

This is the man responsible.

See how I am grinning despite the fact he put me through 15km of mountain? That’s because actually, after the first hour, it was really enjoyable. In fact, I was kind of disappointed when it was over.

We ran up Tucheng the “wrong way” (running up the steepest hill in existence, any steeper and it would be a wall), and then ran back and forth over the various hills until we had clocked up a number of kilometres deemed satisfactory. It wasn’t until we had finally finished and he innocently asked me “so how far was that?” that I discovered I had just run 15km. He laughed and told me he needed me to get over my “psychological barrier” and that now I would be able to do a lot more.

Coach Arthur runs a marathon every weekend, by the way, except when he is running ultra-marathons. He is such a lovely and generous and caring man, and whilst it is slightly terrifying to follow his lead, I have to confess I felt really strong and happy the entire run. I even had the energy to sprint on the way back so we could cross all the roads before the lights changed.


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