no more jackson

I am sad to say I demonstrated a total lack of self-restraint and galloped through When Will There Be Good News. It was just so exciting! How does Kate Atkinson do it? it’s like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Elizabeth George decided to collaborate for some inexplicable reason.

So that is half my Christmas book-money gone. I am itching to buy something new but will make do with the tail-end of The Suspicions of Mr Whicher (which I have utterly failed to see the point of as a book — why did Mummy and Polly recommend it with such fervor?? the Wikipedia article was more interesting…), and wait until the weekend before getting anything else. Otherwise I will end up lounging on the couch in the library reading instead of doing my homework or going to yoga (not that that happened today, of course).

However I am pleased to say I have been a bit more disciplined with my homework recently. I had been taking hours and hours over it, when really I could get my work done in about 3 hours if I just stopped wasting time on the internet. I had this problem at my old job as well; it would take me a lot longer to get all my work finished in the evening because I would check Facebook/email/chat every 10 minutes — my argument being that seeing as I was staying late at the office (and no overtime), I could spend my time as I chose, and what difference did it make?

But the difference that it makes is that I could be doing something else — something relaxing and not beastly like homework/fee proposals/the hundredth version of a drawing in photoshop. So I have been trying to put my head down and just DO. THE DAMN. WORK. and then GET. OUT. OF. THERE.

The Internet really does interfere massively with my ability to get things done. I have terrible sleep hygiene because I can’t get into bed without my iPad; I drag homework out for hours because of Facebook; I get distracted in class because I’m checking my email. I need better self-discipline, I know, but that kind of thing can’t be ordered off Amazon unfortunately.


3 thoughts on “no more jackson

    • I think I have actually, if I remember correctly he wrote a book called Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter/Typewriter? Which I read back in 2005, am on my phone so too much effort to check right now. But if it’s the same guy then I have enjoyed a few of his books for sure!


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