in which I demonstrate remarkable orientation skills

I was supposed to run “between 10 and 15km” today, according to Arthur’s instructions. So I set out on a similar loop to the 11km one I did last week, with the idea of extending it by as many kilometres as I felt capable of.

Oh the stupidity of using a touchscreen in the pouring rain whilst running along… I managed to pause the GPS around 12.5km. I then proceeded to run back and forth for another 3 kilometres trying to squeeze in extra distance but not noticing that the reason why it wasn’t ticking over was because it was paused. I have a tedious explanation for why it took me so long to work it out but I’ll spare you the pain. I unpaused it and ran until the tracker said 14.8km anyway, just in case I was wrong and it was right.

It took me a long time messing around with Runkeeper trying to retrace my steps — and I am particularly gutted as I was running pretty hard for the last 15 minutes or so, in a desperate attempt to improve what I thought was a terrible time. It’s hard to be precise correcting routes on RK, especially because I ran back and forth on so many parts of it and I can’t remember (I think I left some out in fact), but I’m fairly confident I ran at least 17km and probably more, in a bit under 100 minutes — that fits with the average pace I was holding until the tracker was paused (17km x 5.75min = 97 min).

I did really enjoy the run though. I listened to the same song approximately 25 times as it was the perfect beat (even if the lyrics are somewhat gloomy), and was barely ever out of breath. It’s sod’s law that on what has to be my longest run ever, I screwed up the GPS… I wish, I wish, I WISH I HAD A GARMIN 😥


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