the whale fart run

It’s difficult trying to do the right thing. Everything and everyone and my own common sense all say DO NOT RUN, TAKE A REST. Arthur says, Run. In fact he says, Run three days in a row, and today, do the same as yesterday, and run 17km.

I felt ok this morning and so I set out to do the 17km route I had planned last night, designed to avoid yesterday’s confusing back-and-forth. However, by the time I reached 11km my knees were screaming and I knew that I had to stop. What is the point in pushing myself? I am already worried I won’t be doing too well in the China Hash tomorrow. I walked 2-3km home and now I’m trying to relax and not worry about my knees/running/Arthur.

On my walk back, I went past a primary school, and the mural on its walls caught my eye. It was covered in sea creatures, including this giant blue whale… a whale with a little speech box coming out of its rear end…

Intrigued, I looked closer at the pifeng and it says…

Guoyu” — aka national language, aka Mandarin… I wonder if this is some sort of rebellious commentary on the enforced usage of Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan… That is how I am choosing to interpret it anyway!


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