win some, lose some

2012 literally started with a whimper (and maybe even a tearful whinge to my housemate Marine): there is no way I could run the China Hash. This is my own fault for not listening to my body; my knees took a real pounding over the last week and I have to deal with the consequences now.

Eventually I talked myself into viewing things in a positive light: for once, I was free on a Sunday. I took myself into Gongguan to buy the thermals I need for Korea (which I hear is very, very cold right now… still I will have the lovely Stef to keep me warm!). I am very pleased with my purchases: a hat, lined gloves, a thermal long-sleeved dress, thermal leggings, and a thermal t-shirt. Oh and some extra-warm and snuggly socks to keep my toes warm! Here I am modeling some of my purchases, along with my beloved Icebreaker merino hoodie: PLEASE DON’T LET ME FREEZE IN KOREA!

On my way to Gongguan I got a call from Adrian and Yuan, suggesting a late lunch and more importantly, a cuddle with their son Lenny who is just 6 weeks old and a real little character! I had a delicious lunch and a lovely time gazing at Lenny, who is really funny.

The only sad note to the afternoon/evening was that I lost one of my earrings — I only have one pair, dangly skull-and-crossbones ones which I love to pieces and which I bought in Hong Kong two years ago. I am consoling myself with the thought that I will be living in Hong Kong soon and will be able to dedicate myself to finding a new pair… I am a little sad though, because that Christmas I bought myself those earrings, a ring and a bangle, and they were all massive favourites and yet all I have left is one earring.

EDIT: Just got a call from the cafe where we had lunch — they did find my earring after all! yay!


2 thoughts on “win some, lose some

  1. I love the hat and the thermal dress! I have a hat that is very similar to this (in black) and could not survive our freezing winter without it.

    Also, HURRAY for the café finding your earring! 😀

    • The dress is lovely and warm and is my favourite colour — was a bargain too! everything was bought really cheaply from the student markets so I’m pretty happy. And the earring is the icing on the cake! 😀


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