Focus is the name of the gel I am applying to my freshly diagnosed patellar tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. To say I am disappointed is putting it mildly. I have a lot of feelings of anger but I am trying to focus on not playing stupid games (assigning blame or thinking how I could have done things differently, in particular).

Instead I am trying to be grateful. It’s a pain that I can’t run but I am still in relative good health and shape. There is a guy who I often see in the library who is covered in what looks like second degree burns, including his face. There are so many people on the street in Taiwan who are crippled in some way or another. I am still perfectly functional and I can recover from this if I can be patient.

For lack of more entertaining content, would you like to see my New Year’s Candles?

My housemate Marine gave me these as she kissed me good night and ran off to celebrate New Year’s. I am not sure if it made my evening spent stranded on the couch more or less pathetic, but it was kind of fun to have something to do.

Candles set in a banana, for lack of any other suitable medium

I lit them at 11:30pm, and returned to my Kindle, listening to the fireworks outside for the sudden increase in noise that would indicate the approach of midnight.

Looking pretty. Except one candle that is leaning slightly to one side. I wish I had paid more attention to this detail.

When I looked up again, it was because a sudden flare up had caught my attention. The leaning candle had made things a lot more… firey.

Fortunately it was almost midnight and so not long afterwards I could blow the candles out and lay them out for comparison.

As you can see, everything else is more or less the same length, unsurprisingly. So my prospects for 2012, in decreasing order of strength, are as follows:

Green – Money
Blue – Peace (I’m a bloodthirsty psychopath I DON’T WANT INNER PEACE! /MPRS quote)
Pink – Love
Purple – Spriritual Growth
Red – Health
Yellow – Intelligence
Orange – Career

I suppose I can’t complain, Money is what makes all the rest possible really, but I would have liked a bit more intelligence and a lot more health! Anyway these things are silly but it was a distraction from my aching sore legs and the fun that everyone else was having outside. I’ll be interested to look back in a year’s time and see if any of this relates remotely to how 2012 went, as I haven’t got a clue what to expect….


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