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After spending 9 hours preparing for my mid-terms tomorrow, my brain is so sick of reading/writing Chinese! I am bordering on braindead. Luckily tomorrow after my exam I will be skipping off to frozen Korea for a long weekend with Stef in Seoul(ish). Not actually skipping of course, as my knees and ankles are getting worse rather than improving 😦

rambling about books which will probably only interest my immediate family

I have been vaguely skimming Amazon pondering how to spend my remaining pounds. I bought an e-book called Locked In by Kerry Wilkinson, because it was 98p and I was desperate for some more british crime fiction after polishing off all my Kate Atkinson novels. Locked In is very obviously self-published, and whilst the plot was acceptable (if a little transparent in the second half), it really suffered from comparison with Atkinson’s writing… Dude needs a good editor. Apart from the typos, the grammatical errors, and the tendency to repeat words within the same paragraph, he just… doesn’t have that beautiful, lyrical way with words, or the sense of humour, which make Atkinson’s books so much more than just crime thrillers. I am debating whether to spend a pound-eighty-eight on the sequel, and see if Wilkinson’s writing has improved…

Simultaneously Elizabeth George’s new book Believing the Lie has been brought to my attention on Amazon! I swear, I do read other stuff than detective novels… I think it’s just a family tradition to cram the winter holidays full of both excellent crime fiction… and a few crappy ones on the side. Anyway, EG’s new novel is 9.96 on Kindle (!), but it is also over 750 pages long, which means that it should, in theory, last me at least a few days whilst I am in Korea (yay, no homework…). Of course, that would pretty much wipe out the remaining funds. I am thinking about it. I haven’t enjoyed her last few Inspector Lynley books, they were too emotionally exhausting and bleak.

Maybe I’ll just download a dozen more free classics on iBooks instead, so I can reassure myself I’m still a SOAS graduate, pale pink intellectuals too cheap to fork out a pound for a book to read on their Apple devices…


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