I am freshly returned from Korea and have lots of things I want to write about — but as usual I find it hard to write about my travels once they are over, though I hope I will eventually get at least a couple of posts up. However I have had many complaints (ok, just the one from Simon) about how I haven’t updated in a week. So here is a quick and dirty one. 

I’m supposed to be re-writing my application for the perfect job in the perfect company in the perfect city, but when I looked up from my lunch just now I noticed the decoration in this cafe was slightly unusual…

Do you spot it?

Two Lower Manhattan Wrapped Buildings – Christo

I think it’s actually just a very good poster print? I couldn’t get in close enough to look properly at the signature, the owner here told me he got it off an architect friend 15 years ago so I imagine it must just be a print. But from anything more than a foot away, it’s definitely enough to make people look twice. Well, westerners… the owner told me it’s always westerners who ask him about it. I’m not the first to notice I guess! It was nice to have that little thrill of excitement (plus nobody seems to talk about Christo anymore, he’s so last century).

I think I’ve just got impossible art finds on the brain… speaking of which… back to my job application. Holidays at the end of the week, promise I will write about Korea then!


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