I found these in my Photobucket. I wish that I had actually taken a camera with me when we were traveling. There’s a limit to what an ancient iphone can do. Still, I remember it all very clearly.

Lake Como, Italy

In Como, when we were stumbling down a steep mountain path in order to get back to our hotel a little faster, in the pitch dark, there were dozens of fireflies blinking all around us. I remember how the first one scared me (I am a bit of a wimp and have a vivid imagination), but then I grew used to them and the numbers grew all around us. By the time we reached the road (also unlit), there were so many clustered over the cliff-face that it looked like morse code or Christmas lights, almost like a a pattern being transmitted across the mountain-side.

Ruckheim, Swiss Alps

Going over the Alps between Italy and Switzerland on a motorbike was both thrilling and terrifying — no need for a particularly vivid imagination when you are riding roads like those. The views were spectacular but on the back of a motorbike, you really feel like you could just fall off the side of the mountain at any second — anyone who is scared of heights will understand that feeling of being sucked at by the huge empty space just metres away from you. But I survived. And went for a couple of great walks — it’s not so scary when you have your feet on the ground, and can look out to amazing views. The weather wasn’t great, and the iPhone didn’t capture much of it… but I still remember how the peaks looked with clouds traveling over them and carrying on and on into the distance. I hope I will keep on remembering them. I spent many hours perched on that bike this summer, looking at the Alps (French, Italian and Swiss) and just drinking it in. Mountains are fabulous!


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