This week I have had a couple of delicious vegetarian meals — Indian in Ximen with Catherine on Wednesday, and a very Melbournesque lunch with Kurt today at KGB (the K stands for Kiwi and the B for Burgers, I guess the G is for Great!). Tonight I am supposed to be at the Hash Bash, but the thought of Taiwanese food and Taiwanese beer really isn’t doing it for me. So whilst I tried to make up my mind to go or not… I made a curry (I’m still on the fence though…).

I haven’t cooked much since I got to Taiwan, which is a shame because it’s the best way to get good vegan and vegetarian food. Tonight I made a sweet potato and cauliflower curry, with millet on the side. It was my first time making millet, and it was not great; I don’t know if I need to prepare it differently — I liked the texture but it tasted chemical and soapy. However the curry was really tasty! I love how easy sweet potatoes are to cook; they reach that melting stage far quicker than normal potatoes and then stay that way without disintegrating too fast. Not to mention the fact they taste heavenly.

No pictures because yellow sweet potato + cauliflower in yellow curry powder served over yellow millet just does not look good. I didn’t even try.


5 thoughts on “yellow

  1. I only made millet once, so I’m no expert but did you rinse it out (a LOT) before cooking it? From what I gather, it’s the same “technique” as with quinoa. Maybe try that next time?

    • Ahh that must be it… I read that it tastes better if you “toast” it in the pan first, which was supposed to make rinsing unnecessary as well, but I think next time I will rinse it plenty because the taste was foul… also I love it but cannot find quinoa anywhere, it’s killing me!

  2. i just got my first of four boxes of my taiwan belongings and there’s millet in there! i’m excited to try it and grateful that you made some mistakes for me to learn from.

    oh, i think the g is for gourmet…

    • Glad my fumblings will have profited someone! oh and thank you for sending me the torch and stickers, and your lovely letter! It took me weeeeeks to get to the post office to pick them up, I am awfully lazy, and then look how long it took me to say thank you…. 🙂
      PS – I so regret not taking on your spices now…


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