I still ache all over from my workout the other day. It’s almost getting old… but the advantage is, because everything hurts, I can’t feel my knees so much. I did an ashtanga yoga series this morning, although it was hard work. I’ve really softened up!

And just in time, I got Rebecca’s package from Australia, containing my winter running gear — lululemon leggings, addidas long-sleeved shirt, spare sports bra and extra “RUN LIKE A GIRL” shirt… and my much longed-for protein powder!

If I was still training for the half-marathon, it would be the perfect energy/motivational boost. Unfortunately, I’m supposed to be resting and recovering and seeing all this stuff makes me want to pull on those leggings and run run run!

Tomorrow is Sunday and there will be a China Hash, in Nangang, not that far from here. It’s soooo tempting to toss caution to the wind. I feel strong. I feel sore — like a Hash run would be the perfect way to dispel those DOMS. I want to ignore the soreness in my knees, it’s surely not as bad as it was before? What if I take a bunch of ibuprofen first and ice afterwards and just take it really really easy and walk regularly and and and???


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