I swear, lululemon athletica gear has magic woven in — magic that makes you look good, and feel awesome.

I pulled on the leggings this afternoon in a need to feel a bit better about myself. The next thing I knew, I was walking by the river. And after walking for an hour in the rain, I was pulling my headphones out, adjusting my layers, and running… running very gently, I did just 4.5km at a 7min/km pace, promising myself that the second it started to hurt I would stop.

It wasn’t until I did stop running that I started to feel the twinges in my right knee, but I decided not to panic and just walked the remaining couple of kilometres home. After the initial fizzy feeling in my knee faded, things were ok. I have stretched, and made myself a big bowl of yoghurt, cereal and protein powder — no, my knees aren’t feeling perfect, but I sincerely do not think they are any worse than they were to start with. I was very careful to run very gently and softly, listening the whole time to make sure I was landing silently, and adjusting whenever I was striking too heavily.

It just made me so so happy to be running again… The entire walk/run was over 11km, so the 4.5km that I ran in the middle was relatively minor… But it made me feel a lot better. I just need to be running.

Happy Year of the Dragon!


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