run two

I tried this trick I read about on a blog — when it’s really cold and miserable and you are struggling to get up and work out in the morning, go to bed in your running gear. This sounds a bit weird, but my house is really, really cold and damp, my fingers and toes are permanently frozen, and it’s hard enough getting out of bed, so the idea of taking off my nice warm clothes and using those icy cold fingers to put on my sports bra… brr. So last night before bed I pulled on my most comfortable sports bra, a running t-shirt, and wrapped my running tights around my hot water bottle.

When I woke up I half-heartedly started to struggle my way into my running tights under the duvet, but as they are VERY tight, couldn’t get them past my knees whilst laying down. “Sod it”, I thought, and went back to sleep. I had not one but TWO dreams, that my legs were tied together with sheets, and then that I was struggling to pull my knickers up in public but couldn’t (very awkward), as well as a dream that I was in a race… eventually I could hold off no longer and woke up, got up, pulled my pants up and went for a run.

Looking fresh and thrilled.

I managed to do 6km, including a pleasant half-k in the company of Henrick, who scared the crap out of me by storming up behind me on a wooden bridge. It was nice to see someone else though, after over a week of being by myself! We chatted and then Henrick zoomed off into the distance once we reached his bridge, as my current 7-minute pace is not terribly fun. My knees weren’t exactly comfortable but they don’t feel too bad, and my shins and feet were fine. I am taking things one day at a time…

So the results of that experiment… well. The fact that all my running gear smells a bit sweaty even when it’s clean (yay shitty washing machine), and that it’s running gear and not pyjamas, doesn’t make for the most agreeable sleeping arrangements. However, as I was already 80% (!) dressed, it was a lot easier to accept that I would have to go running before breakfast. I have a feeling that as long as Taipei continues to have such miserable weather, I may need to repeat this technique!


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