these are a few of my favourite things

On top of the whole “DO ALL THE THINGS” burst of semi-productivity on Tuesday, I discovered two new life-changing delights.

The first is a tea so amazing, I have been recycling the same teabag all day (I only have the one, so no choice). When I was at Rebecca’s Election-themed party the other night, I wimped out on the dazzling aray of green and blue cocktails and asked for a herbal tea (why am I confessing this…). Rebecca produced a delicious-sounding Hot Cinnamon Spice teabag, but as it was late and I didn’t want caffeine (why am I confessing this!) I put it to one side and it ended up coming home with me, as I discovered days later. It tastes so incredible and I am so infatuated with it, I am currently trying to work out how I can get hold of MOAR and as soon as possible. Of course it would be a luxury tea but I suppose it’s worth every penny of it…

Me enjoying blueberry cheesecake and looking deceptively prim at the aforementioned party.

Secondly, This basic-looking website actually provides a fantastic selection of Business Chinese and is just what I need to tie things up for my last month here. I have copied out a notebook full of phrases and vocabulary (converting to traditional Chinese as I go) and my only regret is that I didn’t find it sooner, as I want to be practicing every day. I definitely would recommend it to anyone whose conversational Chinese is decent but who needs to get more business-related vocabulary; I found the majority of the words were ones I needed regularly in my old job, as well as being useful for presentations and newspaper class. It’s all in simplified Chinese, which I normally loathe, but it’s useful pretty much essential to know both in a work context, sadly.


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