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After 3ish hours of sleep, I rolled out of bed to go to school today. When I got there, there wasn’t a shuttle bus so I was late for class; the 7-11 was CLOSED (can you imagine?? the shock, the horror) so I couldn’t have any breakfast. 3 hours of class later and I was close to passing out. “I’m going home to take a nap” I informed Cici Whinehouse via g-chat.

But instead of taking a nap, I ended up going to Zhinan Temple and running yesterday’s China Hash. It was in my neighbourhood and the trail was still clearly marked, and I was mad at myself for missing the run yesterday — it was the obvious thing to do. 10km of slipping and sliding my way through the mountains was exactly what I needed; my knees complained but the rest of me felt alive again at last, after a month of stagnating in bed. The run ended by discretely entering Taipei Zoo via a back fence, and I ran as fast as I could to the exit, ever paranoid that I would get in trouble. Earlier on the trail I’d already had an guy lecture me (increasingly loudly) in Taiwanese, so I was even more nervous than usual.

I arrived at the exit unharmed and was promptly absorbed by the black hole that is McDonald’s — I had barely eaten all day and was STARVING. I sat opposite a grandma and 5 kids, who all gave me the nastiest stinkeye as I poured chips down my throat. It wasn’t until I went to wash my hands afterwards and saw myself that I realised I probably looked a bit dodgy — bright red and sweaty, covered in bits of bramble and smears of mud, hair struggling to escape my cap, and of course inhaling my food like I hadn’t eaten in a week. Still. It’s rude to stare!

Then I had a nap. Just kidding! No naps for the wicked. I had a shower and went back to school to study for tomorrow’s test. It’s now nearly 9pm and I am sitting in the library hallucinating with tiredness, but there is a certain satisfaction in knowing I have possibly achieved more in one day than in my entire 2-week break. Please, please let me sleep tonight…


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