the price of procrastination

I think I may have missed out on that perfect amazing omg-I-want-it-perfect-for-me job. I was doing research for it this morning and noticed that while it is still advertised on the company website (deadline 21/03/2012), it has been retired from the job search website. That said, I still won’t be ready to send it off till tomorrow at the earliest. I SUCK.

ALSO today I found out that the gym membership I have been dragging my feet about getting… it’s only 400NT A YEAR. Yup, I could have paid 400NT — about 12 dollars — 6 months ago, and been using it all this time. ANYWAY. Today I coughed up that plus 250NT for a swimming membership, and went for a 40-minute cycle followed by the briefest swim.

I probably don’t need to clarify this point, but I am doing my best to replace running. My knees gave me hell after running that 10k on Monday, and although I am pretty keen on running the Hash next Sunday (it’s a special Lantern Festival run on Elephant Mountain… I cannot miss it), I know that my running career in Taiwan is more or less over now. So… swimming and stationary cycle it is. I need to remember to bring a book with me to the gym though, because 40 minutes of staring at the wall whilst sitting on a bike was dull-de-bu-de-liao. If I could push harder it would be a bit more interesting, but party-pooper-knees started protesting whenever the resistance was above 9, which is rather pathetic.

Oops these are all very negative! No negativity allowed on this blog! Umm… I bought a blender and have been making banana-yoghurt-protein powder smoothies, and my thermos keeps them nice and cold, so it was delicious to be able to drink that whilst getting dressed in the gym! More exclamation marks!!!


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