Oh Internet, my life would be so much better without you, and yet you have brought me so much joy! Of course, it’s all about self-control, and unfortunately I tend to lack in that department. Anyway, I have been experimenting with cutting internet access off when I am at home, and this worked really, really well for me — in bed at 11pm and asleep by 12:30, as opposed to 3 or 4am. Suddenly I had time to do things again, and was getting a decent amount of sleep (which I have learnt is essential for my body to heal).

This morning, being Saturday, I woke up at 7am and texted my housemate for the internet password… and that was it, I was lost to the world yet again. The hours passed me by and I am too ashamed to admit what time it was when I finally got dressed and left the house — an endeavour which may or may not have been motivated only by my hot water bottle bursting. In the end, the only way I got my presentation written and my cover letter written was by going to bloody Starbucks of all places, where I would be safe from the WiFi.

It kills me that it took me under two hours to do what I had been putting off for days. And so I am determined to go back to an internet-free home again soon. I will of course allowing myself to use it all I want when on campus, but it is obvious that I cannot be trusted to use it wisely outside of school!*

Tomorrow is the Sky Lantern Festival Hash, where I will attempt to show some self-restraint and WALK rather than run… please think positive thoughts for my poor knees, which will no doubt be mad as hell at me by the end of the day. Maybe I should apply the same principle as for the Internet, and cut off my legs to stop myself from running. Ha, ha.

*yes, I am of course still online right now… but it will be turned off at midnight, I swear!


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