My brain is sneaky. It’s lazy. I am realising it has to be tricked; just because something worked on one day, possibly two, doesn’t mean I can expect it to work regularly. So I keep trying new tricks in order to get something, anything, out of it.

Today’s trick was born of reading a motivational post… I wasn’t really reading, as I was on the bike at the gym browsing my iPad (that, I have to say, is pretty fun compared to running outdoors). Anyway, I mainly remembered the first line: Set your alarm an hour earlier tomorrow. That’s a risky approach to take for someone who never gets enough sleep, but that’s what I did. I got up at 6am, and had time to wash my hair, hang out the laundry, make and eat breakfast, do homework, pack my gym bag and get to school on time. Win!

I also almost, almost managed to send off an application for a job (tomorrow, I swear. I just can’t bear to send out something that isn’t perfect) Turns out, being trilingual and having experience and various office skills… there’s quite a few interesting jobs available in Hong Kong. I don’t know how hard it will be to get a work visa though, but I will cross that bridge when we come to it.

I did some weights at the gym this afternoon, after cycling for an hour (26.5km!). But there was another foreigner in there today, and not even an unthreatening one. He scowled at me when he realised the only other recumbent bike was broken, and then watched me with narrowed eyes as I wandered around the gym looking for weight machines that suited my purposes. I hadn’t felt that nervous in a gym for years… I thought I was over the “I don’t belong here” feeling a long time ago.

I don’t know how long/far I should be cycling for. I don’t really get to break a sweat on the RB, but it’s the activity seemingly best suited for my knees. Cycling for an hour doing intervals of resistance 1-3-2-1-3 etc is hardly cardio… I have no real idea what I am doing on that bike, actually. I should probably swim afterwards to get my heart rate up, but it’s still freezing in the pool/gym and I have no desire whatsoever to get into that swimsuit!


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