There are only a couple of weeks left here in Taiwan and it’s starting to really sink in. My housemate Silva and I just spent our evening blasting our rooms; I have determined that this time I will avoid the usual panic and hideous amount of waste. I have grown a nice big pile of recycling in the middle of the living-room and I am hoping it will all make it to its rightful destination.

Whilst sorting Silva’s rubbish I found this adorable nanoblock koala set, unopened! Also, a lavender-scented embroidery kit which Mummy gave me this summer before I left. I am going to need these distractions, as Facebook friends will know: after seeing a proper sports doctor and getting proper x-rays… the verdict is a stress fracture in my right tibia and very inflamed knee-caps. Turns out I had been doing EVERYTHING wrong during my time off. Those Nike Training Club workouts with their lunges and squats; those long kilometres on the stationary bike; those ecstatic China Hash runs — bad, bad, bad, as every step I took slammed my inflamed knee-cap harder into the bone and made things worse.

So… three months off from running and my other preferred forms of exercise — no cycling, no swimming breast-stroke. I am going to have to get seriously into swimming, except of course it will need to be crawl aka freestyle. Which I suck at. Oh well. And also I can do the elliptical machine, but unfortunately there isn’t an elliptical at the tiny school gym… So swimming it will be, for the next few weeks at least!

I have at last managed to liberate myself from that deer-caught-in-headlights paralysis and complete a CV and cover letter and APPLY FOR A JOB! I thought it would never happen but at last it has (much thanks to, in chronological order of assistance, Jed, Thilo, Ollie, Ben, and last but not least my previous boss, for their patient and repeated support whilst trying to drag my application into something presentable), and now I am determined to send at least one every weekday until I leave. I am still at that silly stage where I think I should only apply for ones I am “qualified” for, but I remember that after a couple of weeks of desperation one will apply for anything and everything… might as well save myself some time and start that sooner rather than later.

By the way, as you may be able to tell from the enormously oversized pictures on this post, something else emerged during this evening’s storming of the house, an old friend who has only ever taken 823 pictures, despite being over a year old…

Welcome back to the real world, Lumix! I found a few photos on there which I want to blog about but I will do a separate post for them.


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