photos from 2011

So after recharging the battery on my Lumix and finding my iPad camera connection kit, I finally got to pull up some pictures from last summer. I actually didn’t take that many; after the battery died a couple of weeks into my Europe trip, I never bothered to charge it and James was our official photographer anyway. He did give me all the pictures he took before he disappeared off to Uganda, but they are on USB so my iPad is powerless to access them.

ANYWAY. Here are a select few that made me smile.

Unrelated to the others, this is from my work leaving party. Me and my guys — I saw them almost every day for 3 years and now it’s been 10 months since I saw their smiling mugs, makes me miss them and their aussie drawls!

The rest are pictures from James and me having mildly entertaining adventures when we were in France staying with my mother. Once we were driving back from dropping my brother off, and on impulse went to explore a creepy mansion.

Once we got there, it wasn’t quite as creepy and abandoned as it had appeared from the road, but we still had poke around, and posed for a cute couple picture:

Oh that glorious sunshine!

Another time we went for a massive hike around St Cirq Lapopie, which was one of James’ favourite destinations (I think because of the terroir pizza he would get when we were there, which had rillettes and probably foie gras and roquefort or whatever other local stinky animal produce he reveled in! I love how happy he would get when the food came out). I sucked at taking interesting pictures of the landscape, but I did get pics of us. There were some pretty scary steep cliff edges which he stood upon fearlessly…

…and I, not so fearlessly…

(James, why did you take this one in landscape? I told you so many times LANDSCAPE MAKES THE LADIES LOOK LARGE!)

And I’ll round that off with another cute couple picture.

I know it’s not exactly standard to post these kind of pictures once the relationship is over, but I love seeing how happy we were and I got pleasure out of reliving those memories, and I know James reads my blog so I think he will too (although he’s climbing Kilimanjaro right now so probably won’t see this post for a while). And secondly, I know it gives a number of my friends the creeps to see not one but TWO redheads together. Enjoy!


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