all the things

I knew already yesterday morning that I wouldn’t be going to school today. It was an executive decision: I own that decision and I stand by it still tonight. Not that yesterday’s China Hash was particularly strenuous, as instead of running I got to hang out with the little dude below, before soaking in hot springs once the runners had returned.

Anyway, today I had a morning of luxuriating in the sunshine, dutiful stretching (working on rehabilitating my knees), tidying and packing, intermittent embroidery (whenever I felt the creative urge), working out (upper-body and core only! I am leaving my legs alone), and laundry. Far better than going to class…

Then in the afternoon I went swimming. First I picked up a real swimsuit and new, non-leaky goggles; as this is going to be my main form of exercise for the next few months, I could put it off no longer. I pushed myself through 1km of utterly agonising flutter-kick. 12 tedious lengths with the board float (thanks Nikki… I blame the French and their planche!), 4 of actual crawl (I thought I would drown) and then the last 4 on my back, clutching the float. It was nothing like the pleasant, meditative experience of swimming breast-stroke; I kept reminding myself that it will get better and one day I will actually be quite good at it. Advice on how to stop sucking at front-crawl accepted!

After that, spurred on by last week’s visit to the doctor, I swung by my dentist and he confirmed that both my lower wisdom teeth need to come out. One of them looks really nasty, I think it will need to be broken as it’s kind of weird and impacted-looking. I don’t particularly relish the thought, but I might as well get it done here in Taiwan where the entire procedure, including X-rays, will cost less than AUD $75 — the price of a simple check-up in Australia. So that’s booked for Wednesday after lunch. Fun fun fun…

And to end my day on a victorious note, I have finished polishing my CV (我完成了修飾履歷表 — sorry, smug alert, I just love when I know these things in Chinese) and cover letter for another job application in Hong Kong. I would send it off right now, only the library closed at 8:30 and now I don’t have access to a computer. It’s ok, I will do it tomorrow after class. And it won’t count as tomorrow’s job application (yes, standing by my decision to do one a day).

Now… homework. Yuck. I think I will run down to Starbucks, despite the late hour, because otherwise it won’t get done.


2 thoughts on “all the things

  1. it was about 225元 for me to get two wisdom teeth out right by my house (i had the national insurance through work; i don’t know about you). i had a little issue with the lower one they pulled out, but it was quickly taken care of when i went back in and told them it was painful. good luck!

    • I don’t have national health insurance so it’s all out of pocket unfortunately. Last time they pulled one out for me it was only 800 I think, but this will be a messier (and thus pricier) business in comparison… and I am soooo looking forward to it! thanks!


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