today in numbers

5 hours of sleep
6:30am start
30 minutes of stretching and upper-body workout
2km walk to school
3 hours of mind-numbing class
1 presentation
2 completed job applications
10 lengths of front crawl and backstroke
4.5 hours of Catherine+Rosie time
6km walk along the river

2 very sore and angry kneecaps, currently being iced
0 minutes of revision for Chinese test tomorrow

I just cannot seem to get it right. I thought swimming and walking were ok? I thought if I took my anti-inflammatories, stretched and did my exercises, and stopped running, everything would be alright. My knees beg to differ, using the medium of “getting very hot and tender” to express themselves.

Also, really: who wants to study for exams? I could care less (OK OK Adina and Gareth and you other linguistics freaks: I couldn’t care less). I am working on my Chinese MY WAY — translating all my Facebook updates into Mandarin.


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