the good news news

So finally I have confirmation that this is going ahead — I can safely write about it! One of my oldest friends from university, Maria, called me to ask if I was interested in being the host for a travel show — the requirements were for a bubbly and enthusiastic western female who speaks Chinese and lives in Taiwan, so of course she thought of me!

Mariutti and her boyfriend Alberto (who is the director) got me to do a little video in Chinese introducing myself, we sent it off last weekend, and yesterday we got confirmation that the production company was happy with the candidate aka ME, so it’s ON!

It’s just one episode, nothing huge (although Alberto is hoping more will be commissioned if this one goes well). I’m mostly motivated because it will be fun traveling around Taiwan, being silly — I got the schedule last night and we will be going to all kinds of places. I think it will be a cool experience, and of course at the very least I will be show-casing my Mandarin skills. In any case I am really excited and I have put Hong Kong on hold until April (filming will be in the last 10 days of March). I have another project that I am still discussing with someone else, so I am possibly going to stay here even longer than that, but definitely am going to be in Taiwan for at least another month. Yay!

I am really lucky to have so much flexibility in my lifestyle — my only requirement really is to be able to support myself, as I don’t have any loans to pay off or people to answer to. I just wish my airline ticket was flexible also — it’s looking like it could cost me just as much to change my ticket as to buy a new one, and given the ridiculous 11 hour flight (leave Taipei at 8pm, fly to Singapore, 2 hour stop-over, arrive in Hong Kong at 6:30am… whut) I think that may be my best option. Frustrating! I will never, ever fly with Jetstar again. I was saving I think about AUD $50 by taking JetStar but now I am going to end up losing $250 because of their crappy ticket conditions.

But enough complaining! I am really happy with my life right now. I am so lucky to have so many good friends too!

I reckon I owe my real success to Gala’s video…

…and to Nicola‘s photography! This is the second job I’ve caught thanks to her professional picture of me!


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