Yesterday, I somehow thought it would be a good idea to walk the China Hash. I had this vague idea that walking the Hash would make it entirely accessible to my injured self… what an idiot.

The weather was pretty dreadful — standard Taiwan-winter cold rains all day — and there was so much mud, steep slippery banks and trails, a couple of rivers to cross (soggy wet running shoes are really not fun to walk in). Plus by the time I hit any really muddy patches, the place was a sea of mud due to being torn up by all the runners going through it at a breakneck speed. The rivers and little streams did come in handy for washing some of the mud off at regular intervals though! and sometimes I would remember to look up and take in the beautiful misty views…

The hare had told me that I would reach a point about 15 minutes in where I would have to turn back to the start, and seemed to think that would be a nice brisk bit of exercise for me. Unfortunately I am pretty stubborn and when you run the Hash, you don’t look at a vertical mudslide as a dead end, it’s just an obstacle that you have to overcome. I didn’t meet anything really terrifying until I had pretty much passed the point of no return. Due to this mentality I ended up walking the entire thing, in 2 hours and 20 minutes. I should have come out of it feeling victorious, like any other hash. But my knees are NOT happy and I am just cross with myself.

To make matters worse, in the first 5 minutes I slipped and fell on my bum whilst coming down some very slippery steps. My tailbone is really painful now, so between not being able to bend my knees or sit up, I really am not doing too well for myself! Despite all the ridiculous trails we take and the usual mud or loose stones and roots, I had never fallen before on the Hash, and it struck me as particularly ironic that I would do so on the one day I was walking. On steps! So stupid.

Oh the stupid things one does… I am pretty sure this was not what the doctor had in mind when he told me to take it easy and not do anything that would aggravate my knees (even yoga is off the list of permitted activities…). On the positive side… I am having dinner with the most delightful Lesley tonight! I really need to start packing the place up soon, which is going to be fun as I am fairly limited in movement. Moving house for the millionth time in my life is a pain, but the good news is I have somewhere to move next as fellow hashers Dan and Diva have a room available! how lucky am I? very lucky.


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