with reason

I try to see a positive in everything — it’s a great exercise for me as I tend more easily (far more easily) towards complaining and grumbling. Some times it’s a little harder than others, and this bruised tailbone of mine is hardly comforting or comfortable.

But I realised that it is probably a good thing in that it has really, really forced me to slow down, whilst staying active. I tend to have two modes, lazy and manic, but neither of those are terribly compatible with a sore coccyx. Lazy Rosie will lay in bed or on the couch all day, “researching” the internet. Manic Rosie will get up at dawn and exercise three times in a day, walking up to 10km around the town, and cook a dozen meals or decide to clean the house. But when it hurts to sit or lay down, and also hurts to move around too much, then I am forced to stay closer to the middle ground (unfamiliar territory) of being reasonably active, with frequent but short breaks. Which is kind of more productive than the usual me, and also possibly better for the prospective healing of my injured knees (my tibia appears to be healing very nicely, according to the latest doctor’s appointment).

See what I did there? Silver lining. Done.

Ow though. I hope it doesn’t last too long!

In other news: I really am glad to be done with school. I think 6 months is the maximum anyone should be studying for at any one time. I started out love-love-loving being a student again and disapproving of the lazy university kids, but that enthusiasm burns out pretty quick.

Awesome and totally on-topic window display from Seoul, which I would have cropped the bottom off of if I had anything other than an iPad


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