hair and fur

Yesterday I bit the bullet and got my hair cut. I was so scared, given a) the regularity with which hairdressers (not just in Asia but everywhere) ruin my hair, and b) the fact that I need to have good hair for this coming week’s filming. My red curls are one of my best features and when they are not cut properly I look, or at least feel, awful!

Fortunately Sandra at Dra’s Hair Lab did an amazing job. I had brought in my iPad with some pictures of my hair as cut by Christopher Brooker (of Vidal Sassoon fame), and Sandra listened patiently as I told her all about my hair — the last few cuts I have had were by men and they tend to not listen and do BAD THINGS to it. Sandra was suitably impressed both by the precedent set by Christopher and by the need for me to feel 100% awesome about my hair, and she did such a good job! I’m waiting for the sun to come out so I can take a really good set of pictures of it.

OK — two paragraphs about my hair is probably sufficient. After my haircut I went to meet a new Taiwanese friend, Cassie, who is quite content for us to speak only Chinese together which I exactly what I need. We met at Minimal Cafe, which should be better known as the Cat Cafe, as it is crawling with cats. The hygiene of the place is not to be dwellt upon for too long, but it was definitely entertaining. I put pictures up on Facebook already, but here are a select couple for non-Facebook people:

Today, I finally got round to opening a bank account so that I can receive money for the various jobs I will be doing — kind of important. I put it off for months and months, but it was surprisingly easy. I loved this particular detail: when filling out the form, I went to write the date “101/03/12” (as it is year 101 in Taiwan) and the woman stopped me. I look up slightly bewildered and annoyed (as I had been feeling quite smug about remembering to put 101 instead of 2012) and she told me to put today as the 5th, not the 12th. Because it takes a week to process the form. And by back-dating it, they could process it immediately. Don’t you love that logic?

I just made a load of vegetable soup with a haul from the market. It started out as a tomato sauce (I love making my own tomato sauce as the pre-made ones here are all from the US and taste weird), but then I got carried away chopping up other vegetables and it ended up having carrot, celery, broccoli and sweet potato. One half blended then mixed with the other half = YUM DELICIOUS LUNCH! Only as usual I have completely burnt the roof of my mouth, pout.


4 thoughts on “hair and fur

  1. Have been to the minimalist cafe before…coffee is good, but definitely in need of some thorough regular cleaning considering the amount of cats.

    • Yes there was one who kept puking… I didn’t have a coffee, but I had a really delicious tuna sub, and Cassie had the most sinfully delicious scones… however we both agreed the waffles were dry and tasteless. Thus concludes the review of Minimalist Cafe!


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