I went round to Catherine and Nikki’s for an evening of bingeing on popcorn watching Studio Ghibli films and girl talk. Upon arrival, I was immediately presented with Nikki’s Where’s Wally puzzle and instructed to find the last missing object, a key. After years of hunting down rogue trees on my Photoshop golf course drawings*, I am now an expert at Where’s Wally and I am proud to say I found every single item within minutes. YES, THAT IS MY GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT TODAY, WHAT OF IT?
Behold the puzzle, framed by Nikki’s thalidomide flipper of a hand and my own witchy features

Whilst I am promoting my friends and their extraordinary talents, if you are interested in what I am going to be doing in this week’s up-coming filming, check out the pilot episode Maria presented in Thailand. I am hideously jealous of her Beijing accent and of the fact that she got to go to Thailand instead of rainy old Taiwan. I encourage you all to watch it, if only for Maria’s breath-taking acting skills when she gets attacked by a shark.
(I wanted to embed it but it won’t work on my iPad, sadly. So follow the above link! Watch it! Laugh! Like it!)
*yes, I know, that makes no sense to anyone who hasn’t worked in the golf course design industry. So, pretty much everyone.


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