Suishi dou kaizherrrr

I haven’t had the energy to update at night, when we finally get to our hotel room and stagger past the beds in order to start editing the day’s material. But tonight is the penultimate night and we got to our hotel relatively early, so I am feeling relatively spritely.

I have decided that blogging would not do justice to the entirely surreal experience this week has been. So I am taking boundless notes, in between crying with laughter and shrieking with frustration. I am going to try and write something a little more complete, over the next few weeks, and see where it goes — if it doesn’t end up book-worthy, I will just publish it on here in installments! 

In accordance with the classic scenario of “bare-bones film crew assigned job, job reveals itself to be a project of pure insanity, crew turns camera on itself and starts documenting a journey of ridiculous and non-sensical moments”, in addition to filming material for the client, we have been filming our “director’s cut”. 

I have been loving the filming. I kind of dread the bits where I have to pull myself together and speak serious Chinese, but I love the rest of it — finding stupid things to do and say on camera, what is there not to love? And sitting in front of the laptop every night, faced with my own image, words and undeniable wit, I have been learning to end the belief that I am such a fugly numpty… 

I can’t wait for the post-production to be done and to share it with you all. Alberto reckons it will be a few weeks — a fortnight or so for the actual job we have been paid for, and then a couple more weeks for our hilarious dissection of the project. In the meantime I keep snickering at it by myself, which causes a certain degree of confusion when amongst our dear Mainlander companions.


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