Mui Wo

As most people in Hong Kong had a half- or whole holiday this Tuesday, Cici planned a barbecue in Mui Wo on Lantau Island. So after meeting for lunch in Central, then wandering the streets looking for a decent AND affordable coffee (thanks Wagyu), we finally headed for the Pier to catch a ferry to the island just before 4pm.

I know many vegetarian treats to bring to barbecues, courtesy of my four years in Australia. Unfortunately the mountain of veggies that I purchased weren’t really… ideal for a Hong Kong-style barbecue, where you spear slices or balls of meat and fish onto giant toasting forks. The idea is, everyone has their own fork and eats piece by piece, sitting round the fire and chatting. It’s really sociable and fun, but I was happy to let fellow vegetarian Christina take over the prepping, and to retreat to the beach with a gallon of Martini Rosso and ginger beer.
Bye guys, see you later…
Debbie thinks the water is too dirty to swim…

By the time I came back, Jamela and Christina had constructed aluminium packages of veggies and we were ready to go.
Night fell and Cher got cheeky…

Several more people turned up, including a French guy from… Cahors! We both were suitably impressed but none of the Honky kids cared. At least we got to talk French whilst they all chattered away in Canto.

Of course despite all good intentions we ended up running in a frenetic panic to catch the last ferry from Mui Wo back to Hong Kong at 11:30. We made it with minutes to spare but running in my sandals has left my right tibia feeling like its stress fracture has spread the length from my ankle to my knee… I slammed ice on it as soon as I got home but I am really frustrated, as I have been resting it for over three months now (give or take a few sneaky runs in January before the diagnosis). I get that I cannot go running anymore, but not being able to dash for the bus or carry my suitcase upstairs without limping for days afterwards is really impractical.


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