wednesday kong

On Wednesday morning I caught up with Dawn, who I hadn’t seen since… summer 2005! All those years ago, Dawn had been scouting for some western talent to cast as extras in an SK2 advert. I seduced her with my teasing and pleading, and she in turn made sure that I was chosen (despite my casting pictures being some of the least attractive in history…). I recently saw the videos for the actual adverts and I have to say, the back of my head looks fantastic on screen – glad I wore all that make-up!

Our 2005 cast, minus Karen Mok and Stephanie Hsiao – Dawn is in the middle, with short hair and a stripy shirt.
It was so great to catch up with Dawn – we have a lot in common and it makes me even more keen to move to Hong Kong so I can hang out with her more often. MTR Green is one of my favourite picture backgrounds!
Cici and I then had lunch before hopping on a bus to Stanley. I finally, after all these years, have an Octopus card! On my very first trip to Hong Kong I asked Cici if I should get one, and because Cici is a lady of few words and occasional laziness, rather than line up for 20 minutes at the busy station where we were, she vaguely insinuated that it was a complicated and unnecessary affair. I maintained this belief for each of my subsequent visits, never presuming to burden ourselves with such a disagreeable task, or waste our precious time, and it was only on my last visit that I was enlightened… I saw a friend of a friend, in town for 2 nights only, brandishing her very own Octopus card, and enquired of her, with wide-eyed admiration, how she had managed to get hold of such a precious commodity…

Anyway… it took me all of 30 seconds to buy this baby yesterday.
Cici and me on the bus, rejoicing in our Octopii:
Stanley Beach felt like a bizarre combination of my hometowns Melbourne and Cahors – lots of Australian-style cafes and pubs, and French-style cute shops. Cici and I found our “mini-me” selves here…
It’s a beautiful place, although nothing was remotely affordable to us, given our Asian salaries. We wanted to visit the “Correctional Facilities Museum” as it sounded suitably stark and entertaining, but it was closed… bank holiday, crap! Still, beautiful views. Yet another score for Hong Kong. I’m a woman of simple tastes I guess – give me steep mountains and hills, reaching into crystal-clear waters, and I’m sold.



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