sea and sky

Back in Taipei… sigh. I had a lovely weekend in Hong Kong catching up with Maria (who lives in the B’Jing) and Rosalie (who lives in Tel Aviv), with delicious meals and many bottles of wine. We ate lots of Spanish and Italian food (none of it vegan) and didn’t take a single picture, so in honour of our glory days and their persistent continuation, I am instead posting a horrendous photo from a fancy dress house party, Beijing circa early 2004. Prizes to anyone who can guess what we were supposed to be dressed up as…

These days Maria has more hair, I have less hair, and Rosalie has actual hair as opposed to red sparkly wool.
(in case you were wondering… I did that to Rosalie’s hair. It’s a skill of mine. Call me for bookings.)

I am proud to say that I left Hong Kong with only ONE purchase — and one that I am really very pleased with. I have not been wearing perfume for over a year, since I ran out of For Her by Narciso Rodriguez; I wore it for the entire time I lived in Australia, and loved it, but now I have found something far more interesting and special to replace it. It’s called Sea and Sky, by Tokyomilk, and it smells amazing… according to the box, its notes are “clean coral, mineral salt, watercress and crushed citrus” — sounds like a salad but smells beautiful. It was my only splurge the entire week (outside of wining and dining, of which there was a fair bit) but I am very happy with it.

I just realised I lie. I did buy a fluorescent yellow bikini top for a few dollars at Forever 21. It was part of a great plan I had that didn’t work out. So let’s pretend I only got the scent and I can feel pleased with myself.

On the flight home I read The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver (who wrote The Poisonwood Bible, in case you thought the name sounded familiar). It was beautiful — I am really pleased with my choice, because I only had a few minutes to choose from a really limited selection at the airport, and I almost went for a shitty crime novel (which wouldn’t be like me at all…). It was the perfect read, with great characters and a nice balance of funny and heart-wrenching. I didn’t realise it was her first novel until I had already finished the book and was reading every word of print from cover to cover (praise to the author, bibliography, other books etc… when stuck on a plane I will do anything to get a reading fix). It seems really mature and well paced for a first book; if anything, I think I preferred it to the Poisonwood Bible. Definitely recommend!


4 thoughts on “sea and sky

  1. The Bean Trees is one of my favorite books, and it’s definitely a feel-good one (even the parts that make you feel sad). The follow-ups are not bad, but they’ll never approach that special place that The Bean Trees holds.

    • Cyberpunk raggedy anne is an awesome description! I think that’s probably what it was actually… I forget, I know everything had to begin with a C, so that works 😀

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