earthquakey people

(Title not really related to this post, but it’s my new favourite concept and I can’t stop listening to Steve Aoki at the moment).

I am trying to get back into writing on my blog, because the point of it is to write about something I did for me today, so surely there must be something I can say… Apart from over-dosing on coffee (it was inevitable, really, but thanks to my magical kava-kava pills I balanced things back out again), I got a lot of work done and have been re-heating my InDesign skills. But the thing I did for me today I guess was listening to the relaxation/sleep tapes (mp3s, really, but “tapes” somehow sounds better!) David passed on to me. I have a VERY rocky relationship with sleep, but last night (aka early this morning) I half-heartedly put them on. And they worked! Which is crazy, considering I had gone to sleep around 7am the night before, and woken up around 2pm. I was asleep before 1am and slept all the way till 9 in the morning. UN-HEARD OF. I need never take a sleeping pill again.

Also, my knees hurt somewhat LESS today. Thus, I am the new expert in autoimmune diagnosis.

Don’t ask me why, this is what came up when I googled “emmett miller easing into sleep” aka the title of my relaxation tapes, and it’s definitely the most interesting illustration I can come up with right now.


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