travelling bears

I spent several hours emptying my Gmail inbox last night, filing every single email into a suitable category. I started with over 26,000 emails and it was very satisfying to get it down to zero.

This meant that I woke up to a single email this morning. But it was one that counted. Guess who is coming to stay?

Silva and I were out on the scooter one night when we saw this guy up ahead.
And then I bumped into him again yesterday morning whilst walking to work. Guess he gets around.
So did you guess which peripatetic redhead is coming to visit, after months of lurking in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, saving the world in Uganda, and falling out of train windows in Zimbabwe?

Le James! 28 days till my masterplan “Taiwan: Ginger Invasion” is set into motion.


2 thoughts on “travelling bears

    • Haha the blackberry I used to have for work is to blame, I spent 4 years reading my email on there but it was set to leave them unread in my inbox… However now I vouch I will never let my inbox clutter up again!


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