The rain and the sunshine have been alternating with equal intensity this week. Either it’s baking hot, or diluvian (3 days later and my shoes are still not dry after getting caught out). But one thing you can be sure of here in Taiwan, come rain or shine: those bastard, bastard mosquitos are out to get you. 

So tonight, despite the rain thundering outside my open window and bringing some much-needed refreshment to my stuffy room, well tonight just like every night, I’m hanging out in here:

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Looks almost romantic, doesn’t it? And despite the darkness, from the inside all that white netting acts as a great diffuser! And so, with the latest few episodes of Answer Me This ready to play on my iPad, I settled down with my cross-stitch.
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Unfortunately, there’s a bit of an issue — the shadows from the netting combined with the pixellated pattern and the Aida fabric make it nigh on impossible to see what I’m doing. My eyes were watering within seconds…
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My plan, thwarted…


3 thoughts on “thwarted

  1. I used to cross-stitch a lot, but as I gained more hobbies, really got into reading books, and starting WORKing (lol), I do not have much time for it as I want. I love to make them and give them out as special gifts =)

    • I love starting them… But I think I may have finished no more than two! Whereupon they were promptly buried somewhere in one of the boxes I tend to abandon with people when I move… Work does steal a lot of energy from one, agreed, but the Internet is the real culprit for me I’m afraid >__<


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