afternoon happenings

Today I finished the first of the three workbooks I am researching and setting up on InDesign. It’s taken a month to get this far, but I’m hoping that the other two books will go a lot faster, now that I have all my templates flowing nicely and that David and I have worked out a system. It will have to go a lot faster, as we only have a month left to finish them, anyway!

I skipped down to the print shop to get a proof copy printed and ring-bound. I was pretty pleased with the results — until I realised I had neglected to [insert long and tedious explanation of rookie printing error which no1curr about]. Nonetheless, I’m happy with what I’ve achieved.

I had half an hour between dropping the files off and picking up the final product, which I spent drinking a delicious cappuccino and reading these two articles in the newspaper, about the suicide rates in the Taiwanese army.

Coffee and the paper — normally a simple indulgence, but coffee is actually a nutritional supplement for me, as the whole milk in it gives me precious grams of fat and protein which I struggle to get on a daily basis. And the paper being in Chinese, is a much needed opportunity to stimulate the much-neglected Mandarin-speaking and -reading parts of my brain! I was pleased and surprised at how easily I could read this article actually — probably 75% character recognition rate?

Walking back to the office I was amused by the juxtaposition of the World Trade Centre (in pink), Taipei 101, and a garden shack made of rubbish. Sometimes I forget that Taiwan is still a developing country. I stand corrected, Taiwan is officially classified DEVELOPED. Well done Taiwan!

But there are upsides to developing countries! Like stumbling across a field of doglets taking a nap. Well I’m sure the presence of stray dogs everywhere isn’t exactly a great thing, but they are very cute.


Do you know what? It’s Friday, and I am pleased to say this week I managed to do yoga on 4 of the 5 mornings before work, as well as keep my overall costs — groceries, travel, necessities — under 600NT (that’s 20 dollars, in case you were wondering). Score and score. I’ve found that the best way to do my yoga is to drag my mat out to the living-room and practice whilst looking out onto the greenery outside, and to kick off my practice with some chanting. The chanting in Sanskrit probably makes me sound like a lunatic to my housemates but it does really work at settling my mind so I am fully concentrated on what I’m doing.

This is the opening chant I always use, but I think my version of it sounds much nicer and more soothing. Maybe I’ll record my own version…


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