a day of many dogs

My housemate Diva often asks me if I want to go for a hike in the mountains with her, and for once I decided to ignore my injuries and get out there — the weather was perfect, and the construction works outside my window were most definitely NOT conducive to a peaceful, happy afternoon.

Before our hike, we lunched on mini-pancakes, made by Diva:



Then we set off. Many sweeping views and dazzling greens…

This beautiful pair of butterflies were such stunning colours, although photographing them sort of impossible. But I tried!

Good old Taipei 101 on the horizon as usual. Diva snapped this picture of me and I think it’s really nice — second time in one day that my camera has done well by me!

We had lots of encounters with dogs (and a couple of cats). At one point we were walking through a vaguely farmed bit of mountain and suddenly a huge black dog came after us, barking and dragging a chain behind it. Diva and I had the same reflex — both turned towards him and began yelling, stamping and waving our arms. My heart was in my mouth for a couple of seconds but then when Diva through her water bottle at him and our torrent of abuse got louder, he beat a shamefaced retreat. Exciting!

No picture of that dog, but here are a few of the others I encountered on the hike:

Temple Dog
Table Dog
Celebrity Dog (apparently his owner is a Malaysian pop singer or something? Let me know if you recognise him)
Temple kitties
Temple Cats, the standoff

I have to admit the hike was not great for my knees. There were a lot of steep steps both up and down, and I had to resort to going down them backwards after a while, which looked ri-di-cu-lous. But it was good to spend a couple of hours outside in the most perfect weather! Thanks Diva!


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