I am trying really hard to budget and only buy groceries once a week — the market down the street from us is open every morning and so I go there to buy my fruit and vegetables. The people on the market are so lovely to me, especially at the fruit stall which I try to always go to. The lady there lets me fiddle around choosing the fruit I want, and the younger guy always gives me a discount whilst the older man will always sneak an extra apple or two into my bag as I leave. And they nearly always give me some fruit to go, which is adorable of them and gives me an opportunity to eat something different, as I rarely buy anything outside of my established shopping list (which goes 7 apples, 7 bananas, ONE MILLION FRESH PINEAPPLES!!!!!).

Today I was packing everything into my shopping bag when the lady and the young guy simultaneously handed me slices of freshly cut melon (which is really difficult to handle when you are struggling with a big canvas bag full of sweet potatoes and apples, plus your handbag, plus your purse — I need more hands!). I polished off the little slice of cantaloupe straight away, paused to readjust all my shopping, and bit into the huge juicy yellow watermelon. It was so amazingly delicious and messy, it brightened my happy morning even more! So I took a picture for us.

Then as I had my camera out, I captured the stall of dreams aka Pineapple Land:
I had to swing by the supermarket to pick up my dry goods (oats, eggs, tofu, popping corn, bread; I could probably get all of these on the market but sometimes the hygiene leaves me a little unconvinced). I also wanted to pick up some almonds (desperate for protein and fat as usual), and when I saw these it was difficult to resist:

Wasabi is one of my favourite flavours of just about anything, and is the ONLY reason I ever eat sushi.
However, resist I did, as they would probably not taste great mixed with oats in the morning, and instead returned to the market where I had spied a stall full of dried fruit and nuts. I wanted my nuts unadulterated by salt or spices, and found a bag of walnuts, almonds and cashews which was a biiiiit more expensive than I wanted to spend, but they tasted so fresh and amazing in the end it was worth it. As I left the stall I picked up a raisin from the samples dish, and it was so plump and flavourful I ended turning around and going back for some to take home… consider me hooked, that stall is dangerous!


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