Today I gleefully skipped to the dentist for my third wisdom tooth extraction. Oh ignorance is indeed bliss!

This tooth, as you can see, was chunkier than the last one, and partially covered by bone. So the dentist bust out his little hammer and hammered away for what felt like decades. Still, apart from the obvious discomfort that having ones jaw hammered incurs, the anaesthetic kept me clueless as to what lay in store for me later.

Feast your eyes upon my terrible teeth. Yes, TWO root canals and several fillings…
Eventually, after about an hour of fighting, the dentist pulled it out and sewed my gum shut. I watched what little I could see with interest, made several jokes (in Chinese with half my face numb and a mouth full of blood… what a show-off) and claimed my chunky tooth (which I would show you, except I feel too weak to hunt it down in my handbag).

The bill, at three times the amount I had paid last time, left me stunned and tearful, so I made the most of my Zhengda location and hunted Catherine down for a hug and a pep talk. Unfortunately our group grew and there were more people to talk to and as I was still numb, I chatted for a good 45 minutes before suddenly starting to feel crap as the anaesthetic wore off. I stumbled away to a bus, and then luckily grabbed a Priority seat where I sat, growing increasingly nauseous and dizzy. I had to change buses in order to get home, and by the time I reached the house I was shaking and starting to cry. THIS IS NOT WHAT I HAD IN MIND!

I texted David to say I wouldn’t be coming into work after all, and then lay down… the pain increased exponentially and despite the ice clutched to my face and the numerous painkillers, I was soon bawling in pain, sounding no doubt similar to a cow in childbirth. None of this was conducive to feeling better, however, and after gathering support and advice from friends on Facebook, I settled down to watch the excellent Wild Food with Ray Mears which has been so far distracting me fairly well. I originally only downloaded it to boost my ratios at thebox.bz but it has been my saving today, to be honest.

There is, however, a silver lining to this. Yes, it is my mission to find one in everything! and that silver lining is my chocolate-banana-coconut protein shake. I would have photographed it for you but I eated it. I needed to find something that would be cold, easy to swallow with ice held to my face, and sufficiently nutritious and filling to serve as dinner for the night. Oh and no dairy!

half a cup of tinned coconut milk
+ 1 banana
+ 20ml of pea protein isolate powder
+ 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder
+ lots of ice
= an amazing mug full of deliciousness, to be eaten very slowly and carefully with a little plastic spoon

It was a really nice treat and I feel much happier for it. As long as I don’t lose the ice. Ice is my best friend right now…


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