Time’s up! James left this morning, after ten lovely days together. Hard to believe it was 10 months ago that MSF carried him off… I just bought my ticket to fly to France in a couple of weeks, which means I will have spent almost 9 months here in Taiwan. How did that happen?

I hope that this time I will get round to posting about some of our adventures here in Taiwan. I wish I had blogged about last summer, when we were in Europe, but this time around we only had a short time together and I definitely wasn’t going to waste any time writing on the internet. However we took lots of pictures and that should help motivate me!

Anyway. I feel so lucky that James did get to come to Taiwan, and at a time when work allowed for me to take the entire time off. Ten days was the perfect duration for us to go exploring and hiking, but also to be lazy and have downtime not doing anything. I hate it when I have a holiday but feel like I’ve not had time to relax, or on the contrary, feel like I’ve not achieved anything! We went river tracing in Wulai and in Hualien, climbed up Elephant, Tiger and Jade Mountains, scootered around Taroko Gorge as well as through the mountains in Rueisuei and up Highway 11 along my beloved East Coast.

We also ate and drank far too much LOTS.

We had 45 minutes to order, eat and drink our way through 6 dishes and 3 long-necks of Taiwan beer before running for the last express train back to Taipei from Hualien. This photo commemorates our glorious, drunken, sunburnt, rain-soaked and exhausted victory.


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