i ran and it was amazing and i died and went to heaven

Well not the last bit, obviously. Sorry, please bear with me whilst I go through the honeymoon phase all over again with running. I’m being reunited with a long-lost lover (not that I would know how that feels… right). I sat more or less patiently through the last five months — was it really five months ago that I cried at a Friday night bash and was comforted/scolded by various other runners who told me three months’ rest was nothing (hah! had I known it would be five months…)? So I foresee that there are going to be a few really boring posts detailing my slow and sweaty runs, blow by blow.

This is where I ran tonight:
And this is what I ran to, on repeat, perfect match:

I ran up to Songshan Station and along the river, because I knew I needed absolutely flat terrain. Even jogging down a couple of ramps over the course of the run made my injuries uncomfortable — I need to build up the muscles above my knees. I ran 5km in 28 minutes (yuh-huh, that is respectable for me right now) and then physically melted from the heat and dehydration, despite taking off my t-shirt to run in my bra. I paused at the Rainbow Bridge 7-11 for an icy-cold bottle of water, and sat in the window where every single passer-by gaped in unadulterated horror at my purple face (I’d put my top back on specially, so I’m guessing it was definitely my face they were staring at).

I understand why people stare. No, I don’t know why I go so red when I run either.
I built back up slowly after my water-break, but was back in the flow soon enough and had some awesome sprinty moments — both my last 2 kilometres were at a 5:30min/km pace (5:23min and 5:34min respectively. YES YOU CARE ABOUT MY SPLITS). I cannot express how tremendous that is for me, after 5 months off, when I was never a spectacular runner before. I felt absolutely incredible as I ran them — like I was going to explode. Oh runner’s high, how I’ve missed you… Seems appropriate to have had such a great experience, given that today is National Running Day!

Ok. Bets are on. How long till I injure myself again?

This is how I like myself the most, complete with rubbish bin in the background, because I know how amazing I feel. Totally-unattractive-to-anyone-but-myself vanity picture. I’m not ashamed!


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