I have been catching up on my sleep debt! So luxurious to sleep on a bed that isn’t basically a board, and in relative darkness (ie. it doesn’t get light at 5am). Little brother Raphael, with whom I am sharing a room, brought me cappuccino and pizza for breakfast/lunch (I suppose one might call that brunch). The pizza was incredible, and the coffee was delicious too. So to thank him I took him running, once we had digested our food.

We did the same loop as yesterday and he kept a decent pace for most of it, so we only stopped once — poor kid suffers from awful stitches, just like I used to (for a long time, every single update on this blog featured the word “stitch”). I tried to take him on a second loop but as soon as the house was in view he bent over double and said he was done for, so I jogged off and repeated another 3km or so, bringing my run to just over 6km. I would have run longer but it’s actually kind of annoying the way the roads and trails all meet up in front of the house. I need to plan something longer.

I also need to think a bit more carefully about how frequently I am planning to run. I guess because I am otherwise not really doing much, and I’m running very gentle and short runs, it isn’t too big a deal if I run every day? I’d like to do one big run before I go off to Spain I suppose, so maybe I should rest tomorrow (Saturday), do a big run on Sunday, a little run on Monday and then I’m traveling all day Tuesday. I am really keen to start building up my endurance but of course I have to be careful as my injured shin is still not 100%.


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