le packing du carry-on

Off to Spain tomorrow! Over the last year I have become pretty efficient at packing for potentially multiple destinations, without knowing exactly how long I will be gone for or what I will be doing. This is a lot easier in summer, when you know that you won’t actually freeze to death for the want of clothing.

I love reading these kind of “What to pack” articles, so here is mine!

What To Pack For A Fortnight In Europe, If You Like Running, Swimming and Hiking, Hanging Out With Friends, But Are Not Really Interested In Looking Sophisticated:
Top row:
What used to be my phone and is now my GPS/WiFi device, until I get around to buying a SIM card; handbag which will be crammed into the carry-on (ONE PIECE OF HAND-HELD LUGGAGE ONLY says EasyJet); fake laptop (iPad + bluetooth keyboard) and chargers for all electronics; running shoes (which I will wear to save on space).
Second row:
The Best Scarf in the World (big enough to act as pareo, towel, shawl, small tent when in need of shade); running belt and hat; undies bag (5 knickers, 3 socks, 2 bras); make-up bag; sleep bag (earplugs, eyemask, bagink); gold sandals; black flip-flops.
Third row:
Sequinned swimsuit (in case I want to look pretty at the beach); goggles and swimming cap (in case I want to actually swim lengths at the pool); 2 singlets, 1 casual t-shirt, 1 slightly dressy t-shirt; 1 casual-to-dressy dress, 1 casual dress, 1 dressy dress; nightie; toiletries.
Fourth row:
Sports bra; running shorts and running shirt (smallest lightest quickest drying for both); jeans (which I will wear on the plane); shorts; Icebreaker fitted hoodie; loose black cardigan.

The handbag contains the usual bits and pieces, including a tube of Burt’s Bees outdoor bug bite relief, and an SPF30 “Eye’s Cream” (oh ho ho, so punny) soothing stick. Those are my two magic travel products.
While I’m dishing out the advice here, my Icebreaker merino hoodie was ridiculously expensive (£120) but is probably the best value purchase I have ever made. I bought it nearly a year ago and have worn it almost every single day, and even when I wasn’t wearing it, it was balled up in the bottom of my bag, just in case. It’s warm, lightweight, flattering and breathable, and after a muddy, sweaty, beer-soaked hash, you can just throw it in the machine without a second’s hesitation.
As illustrated at my first down-down, below:
Everything squishes into my Chinese Taipei Road Running Association bag. I coveted one of these bags the entire time I was in Taiwan; being injured for so long, I didn’t actually run enough to really “qualify” for one. But Bas and Erica gave me one as a going-away present — possibly one of the best gifts I’ve had in a long time! Now, who wants to gift me a Garmin…


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