ni oh, ni oh

I didn’t update at the time, but on Saturday morning I went for a run (only 12 hours after Friday’s run). It was dreadful. I had thought Friday sucked, but Saturday sucked even more! I walked at least a third of the not-quite-five kilometres. The coolness of the shade had fooled me into thinking that it wouldn’t be too hot at 10:30 am. WRONG. Comme dirait Norman, FAUX.

I thought I was going to die out there. In my haste I neglected to put on sunscreen before leaving the house (and have probably aged another 3 years as a result). I took my t-shirt off within 2 minutes, first wrapping it around my head, then wearing it like a cape, tucked into my bra, so as to protect my back from the wicked sun. Only instead of looking like a superhero, I was LoserGirl, red of face and wheezy of breath. It would have been embarassing if I had crossed paths with anyone, but here in Madrid only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun…

ANYWAY. Wisdom comes with age; today (Monday) I waited till it was almost sundown — leaving the house at 9:45pm. The hot air was still burning my lungs and the insides of my nostrils, but at least I wasn’t prey to the fierce sunshine that has been my downfall thus far, keeping me from leaving the house with its 37 degrees under ultramarine skies.

Of course, my phone decided it wasn’t going to cooperate. I might as well have run with a musical birthday card: RunKeeper didn’t find a GPS signal for 2 miles, the Maps app persisted in telling me I was sitting at home, and instead of letting me access my Steve Aoki playlist, the MP3 player insisted we listen to 你喔 by Soda Green on repeat for 40 minutes.

N o t the most upbeat of running chunes… However, it worked, I ran happily for 6km and kept a good pace (for me, under these conditions) of about 6min/km. I did walk one particularly vicious hill but considering how my lungs, throat and sinuses were absolutely parched… I’m happy! My legs feel really good, so light and loose…

Other, non-running accomplishments, to detailed in an upcoming post: I completed a cute embroidery of a duck* and began a second one; I have had several very basic, painful conversations in Spanish and one reassuring, thank-Christ-I-can-still-speak-this-language-at-least conversation in Mandarin; I iced and decorated the delicious birthday cake Ally bravely baked in this ridiculous heat.

*unless it’s a goose?


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