life and times of rosie in spain

Things I ate: a gazillion swordfish steaks. My new favourite meal when eating out. Fish and seafood are not often appealing to me, but the below converted me in seconds!
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See also my new favourite drink: café con leche con hielo. I don’t know if I can get away with ordering this anywhere else than Spain, but you get a cup of milky coffee, throw in some sugar, stir, then transfer to a glass of ice cubes, which instantly chills your coffee and ta-dah! icy refreshing beverage.

Books I read: Mr Briggs’ Hat, Miss McKenzie, Dark Night’s Work, and in nostalgia-land: Little House in the Big Woods and Little House in the Prairie (I’m re-reading the series, which was a favourite and which I must have read dozens of times. As an adult: Wow. Ma and Pa kicked ass.)

Places I visited: Segovia and Avila. Segovia was gorgeous. Avila was so-so; I’d chosen it as a destination because I’m somewhat infatuated with gothic architecture and I had read Avila and its cathedral were some of the oldest gothic architecture in Spain. But I wasn’t allowed inside the cathedral 😦 I plan on posting lots of pictures of Segovia because it was so pretty, but for now it’s not practical from my ipad.
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Hikes I have fantasized about: the Camino Frances — I grew up hearing Mummy wax lyrical about how she wanted to walk/cycle the trail of Saint Jacques de Compostelle. Most of the towns I lived in or visited when growing up in France were located on the road to Santiago de Compostela and had their coquille de St Jacques discretely on display on various historic buildings, and even now my family lives very close to the Camino (apparently its English name is the Way of St James? Who knew) and you often see pilgrims around. I had the idea vaguely at the back of my mind when I came to Spain that I might walk back up to home — I’d love to run home, actually, but that just isn’t an option! Ah the things I would do if I wasn’t frustrated by my body’s physical limits.

I’ve discussed the Camino plan a little with Juan, who is very supportive of the idea. However, I’m a little dismayed to discover that its a popular ambition not just with pilgrims but with just about everyone in the world, especially in July. I wanted to be a special snowflake! Still, I’m keen on the idea of walking from Burgos back to Cazals. However, before I leave Spain, my favourite traveling companion will — providing he doesn’t get sent off somewhere in the next 48 hours — take some time off from saving the world with MSF, and meet me here next week. Huzzah for surprise catch-ups with superheroes…

In reckless anticipation (given the nature of working for MSF it might not happen), here is a photo of us from a year ago in San Sebastian. We drank a bit too much and then got very sunburnt on the beach, which made wearing our motorbike gear extremely uncomfortable.
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4 thoughts on “life and times of rosie in spain

  1. like it, like it! so sorry, but it is funny to me, reading about your “adventures” in my country, don’t go without visiting the old Toledo, just one advice, it is one of the hottest places in Spain, (nothing is perfect), and although the entry to the Cathedral is not free….. it is a very nice visit with some El Greco’s paintings and shhhh!!! it is so fresh inside (not allowed to camp nor doing a 3 hours picnic on a blanket inside 😛 ) keep enjoying!!

    • Glad you are enjoying it! I have been thinking about going to Toledo, and I would love to see the El Grecos, but I’m so scared of the heat! Maybe this weekend… It depends if James comes on Monday 🙂


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