This morning I went with Ally to the gym and did the Body Balance class. It was great — led by a very handsome and adorable instructor, it was a mix of yoga, tai chi, ballet and I guess aerobics. I wanted to join her for the Body Jump class afterwards — cardio done bouncing on mini trampolines! — but the instructor seemed too worried about my running injuries and talked me out of it, so I did some elliptical instead. Afterwards I regretted not doing the trampoline class anyway though, as it looked really fun and low impact when I stared wistfully through the windows at Ally bouncing up and down.

After that, we wandered around Las Rozas, having a very important heart-to-heart girl talk. In the middle of some tearful and life-changing realisations about myself, I still had an eye for a bargain and picked up this ADORABLE Petit Bateau blazer for 30 euros, which is advertised on their website for A Fair Bit More. I have been wanting a navy blazer for ages so even though I stopped buying myself things a while back… I am actually quite proud of this purchase.
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And last but not least, James emailed to confirm he is coming to Madrid! So happy — when he left Taiwan a month ago I wasn’t expecting to see him again for ages. I’m looking at some very cute places on — wish me luck!


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