dia luna

This evening the heat faded as soon as the sun began to set (thanks, pollution, for diminishing the sun’s impact!) so I quickly laced up my shoes and set out at nearly 10pm. Such a delight to run free of the “desert” Madrid summer effect… Unfortunately there is a downside to running after sunset — the peculiar absence of light. I don’t recommend going off the trails round here after dark; there are a lot of scratchy bushes, as well as startled bunnies and terrifying dead sticks that look a lot like snakes.

I ran a brisk-ish 5.5km, with a couple of sub-6min/kms (EVERYBODY CARES ABOUT MY SPLITS, YAH? MY FASTEST KM WAS 5:19 WOOOOO). Then at 5.6km, just a kilometre from home, my right shin sent a lightening bolt of pain up my leg. I felt like I could have pushed myself and run anyway, but running through the pain is how I ended up not running for 5 months, so I walked the last stretch home, in the moonlight. Now I’m icing my shins, after slathering them in Voltaren gel and taking my daily dose of Voltaren LP.

I’m 1.5km away from having run 70km in June. I ran 404km in 5 of the last 10 months, and I plan to never ever stop running again, even if this means I’m more of a jogger than a runner.

Last remark: I want an eyebrow tint. I caught sight of myself in the mirror of the elevator and took a step back, gaping with terror. Bright red face is one thing, but because I wasn’t sweating like I have on nearly all my other runs in the past year, my eyebrows weren’t dark enough to stand out from the rest of my face and I might as well not have any. It’s a scary sight. Check “celebrities without eyebrows” if you don’t understand.


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