run like a diva

Done! 73.5km of running in June. Completed after I went out for a short morning jog (4.5km — my shins are painful so I’m taking it easy). It was pleasant enough and I came home to find that the appartment I wanted on AirBNB was available! I’m so happy, as it was the one I wanted the most, with the best price, best location, and nicest pictures and reviews. I spotted it earlier in the week but had to wait till James was sure to come, then the lady said she was waiting on another booking to be confirmed… eep! But I got it. Let’s hope it’s as perfect as it seems on the website.

Diva in the title is in reference to the Diva Cup that I am getting used to (yah yah girly talk, those who are squeamish re:ladies can stop reading now)… I’m still getting the hang of it, and whilst sometimes it seems to work just great, it sometimes is also really frustrating when it keeps leaking no matter how I tweak it. I rarely if ever had problems with tampons, but even though the cup claims it’s less prone to leaking than any other form I have had some dodgy moments with it, and this I find very stressful. There’s sometime about not being in control of my period that sends me into a panic only experienced as a 13-year-old when I was still getting the hang of it, and I never had that problem with tampons in the last 15 years, so I’m not sure if I’m a convert yet… but I’m willing to keep trying for now. Just don’t invite me to sit on your white couch.


2 thoughts on “run like a diva

  1. I feel silly for saying it, but in all the times you have talked about your shins splints issues with running I never really knew what they were until I just googled the term now. I blame it on my being Francophone and not a runner. Also: ouch. Those must really hurt! 😦


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