not swimming, filing, swimming

I’ve been in Sri Lanka exactly a week and I have to confess I’ve hardly seen anything other than interiors of offices and cars. And a few restaurants. I did manage to check out the rooftop pool at my building one evening, between being dropped off after work and being picked up to leave again… and by check out I mean “stare at longingly before sighing and going back down to wait for the driver”.
This job is really quite intense and I have been landed with a lot of responsibilities. I almost had a little tantrum when I requested a project file and all of these turned up on my desk, accompanied by several more not pictured. One of them contained a huge cockroach that scuttled over my papers when I opened the file… there was actual screaming involved at that point.
Spot the similarities in the composition of this picture and the one above?
But today I didn’t have ANY external meetings *gasp!* and so I was able to dedicate myself to filing. I have a bit of a fetish for organising, filing and general stationary-related activities. 3 years at my previous job taught me the importance of re-organising the filing system BEFORE the work gets started — if you put it off for more than a couple of weeks, the mess then just becomes the norm.

Sadly the stationary and filing systems in my office are a bit frumpy and antiquated, but I was still satisfied with my end of day result. I know you can’t see much of a difference other than there being 3 stacks instead of one, but I totally PWNED those project files, and they each have a detailed list of contents — forgive me, the frisson of efficient filing is the greatest pleasure I have experienced since I got here…
Yes. This is how exciting Sri Lanka has been thus far. Sorry… I’m told in a few weeks it’ll settle down and I will be allowed outside.

Ok, I lied. Emy and I had a couple of nights out (don’t tell the company though, as we are not allowed out after work). We had an evening at her friend’s ocean-front restaurant, which was quite novel as you have to cross the railway to get to the door!
sorry for dark blurry pictures but I was trying to cross the railway in the dark AND take a picture
Whilst I’m confessing my sins, I will tell you how I went down to the water after dinner to wet my toes, and the waves crashing around me hypnotised me into throwing off my dress and jumping into the ocean. I can’t resist, especially at night when the water is so warm and inviting… It was so much fun, but then I had to hide my “O hai, just been in the water in my undies” damp clothes and wet hair from the driver who was taking me home, lest he tell on us… not appropriate behaviour for Miss Rosie, you see.


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