invisible mosquitoes and stone lions

Today, I ran, for the first time since… oh my. Since Madrid in June? Unless you count running down a mountain trail in the Pyrenees with James last week (which was very naughty of me as I had been whinging about how I was too exhausted and my legs hurt too much to walk up any further, and when he gave in and we turned around, I promptly ran the couple of kilometres back to the car. I digress.).

To be honest I have found the last few days exhausting and haven’t even pretended to think about exercising. But late last night I read this incredibly inspiring blog post [Disclaimer: I promise it’s a fun blog despite the torrent of identical self-portraits and the weight watchers thing], and suddenly felt the motivation all over again. So I gathered up my running gear and dumped it where I would have to stumble over it in the morning: running was going to happen.

My building’s gym is not terribly spectacular, and contrary to my expectations was the ONLY place not blasting arctic A/C. After a few false starts on the dreadmill, I managed to pull out 3km (I only had a limited amount of time) and turn my favourite shade of puce. Not a spectacular time either, but it felt ok, other than the mosquitoes that attacked first my front thighs, then my back thighs, then my knees, my lower back and finally my shins. I kept trying to slap and scratch my legs (a treadmill thrill) but then when I stopped, there wasn’t a single bite to be seen. Soooo I guess I’m really out of shape or something and my legs freaked out? Other bizarre treadmill effect: staring head-on at my legs in the mirror whilst running, they began to look like the back of my legs, as if the top of me was facing forwards and the bottom facing backwards… trippy.

Work involved taking a Chinese delegation to a Ministry of Something-or-Other and being put on the spot with my interpreting skills. Chinese words now in my vocabulary: nanotechnology and titanium dioxide. After the meeting we went on a quick tour of “buildings Colombo is proud of showing Chinese delegates” — Independence Square (celebrating throwing off those dirty British colonialists), where these lions made me happy:

And then a Exhibition Hall, a theatre, and the new houses of Parliament, which were all built and donated to Sri Lanka by the Chinese in the last 20-30 years. Who knew the Chinese were so generous? Apparently the first President of Sri Lanka was super chummy with Deng Xiao Ping. Every day’s a school day eh.


2 thoughts on “invisible mosquitoes and stone lions

    • It’s not exactly forbidden but they have told me they prefer if I am not seen “out” at night because it might compromise my reputation and therefore that of the company. This is particularly funny as I haven’t been a party girl for a very, very long time. Sample text received from one of the executives after I’d said I was grabbing a drink with my friend after our evening meeting instead of going straight home “It’s more cos of maintaining a woman’s reputation and respect. Sri Lankan culture is different.”
      etc etc. Ridiculous.


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